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Plan Iq 2.6.7 (Updated 2022)

A: You're using a Javascript embedded within an iFrame. The parent page is not hosting the iFrame, so you can't access the code that's included. Basically, all of the Javascript is in the parent page, and the child page is just some output. With that said, I assume you have a tag in the child page which is submitting to the parent page using the onsubmit event. Your parent page (the one with the iFrame) will probably detect this event, and think that it should submit to a new form. You can check the event object (a property of the form) to see the name of the form, and see if you should proceed. NASA’s Commercial Crew and Cargo Program team is starting work to develop a new pricing model for launch services. This will involve a new team, composed of the commercial and government stakeholders, to work together on a single launch service provider contract. This new strategy will set out the terms and conditions for which NASA will purchase launch services from the selected providers. The pricing will be fair and transparent to both commercial companies and U.S. government agencies that are involved in this process. The program will establish a two-phase process. Phase 1: Commercial pre-certification Phase 2: Commercial certification and launch services NASA will be opening the pre-certification phase of the commercial crew and cargo program to open contracting. This will lead to a qualified group of companies being pre-approved to bid on launch services for the first commercial crew spacecraft. In order to be pre-approved, companies must meet the goals of the commercial crew and cargo program and have a culture that supports the NASA Commercial Crew and Cargo Program. The pre-certification process will consist of the following: • Pre-certification will focus on the company’s ability to meet the requirements of the Program, including demonstrating their commitment to providing safe, reliable and cost-effective launch services. • The selection of companies for commercial pre-certification will be based on demonstrated capability, ability to meet the Program requirements, and ability to perform launch services within the timeframe identified in the Commercial Crew and Cargo Program. • Pre-certification will occur over the course of up to three months, with multiple rounds of information gathering and interviews of each company. NASA will select a number of companies that have demonstrated they are capable of performing launch services in ac619d1d87

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